Friday 23 September 2011

Bronzing Secrets

My facial bone structure is awful.... I have no cheekbones and no jaw line, great. But, I have taught myself to contour my cheeks and give me the appearance of cheekbones! All by using bronzer, it's literally amazing and it's so easy :D 

Firstly, it's dead IMPORTANT you use a matte bronzer, you want it to look as real as possible and glittery bronzer will blow your cover!! I highly recommend MUA bronzer, it was £1 and the quality is fab.

I have shade 3 as I thought it was the nicest shade and was suitable for my skin tone.

Only 2 brushes needed, here I have a Benefit Slant Powder Brush
and a Bobbi Brown Face Blending Brush.

Before- My incredible lack of cheek bone and jaw line! 

Take the Bobbi Brown Brush or a really small blush brush, you don't want to use a big chunky face brush otherwise you wont get the bronzer in the correct place.

Find the bottom of your cheekbone and load up your brush and literally do an 'L' shape. Don't go right into the center of your face, try to blend the colour so the darkest area is by your ear.

This is what it looks like from the side. Here is my jaw line that I'll use my MUA Bronzer to improve!

Put the bronzer under your jaw, don't put it on your face, you want the top of your jaw to stay light. Blend all around so you don't have one of those 'gravy lines'! 

Blend with the Benefit Slant Powder Brush.

My new and improved bone structure! 

It really makes a difference, and plus it gives you a lovely sunkissed glow! Give this a go and ask us if your stuck on anything!! Megan and I always contour our cheeks, try it and tell us how it went!! 

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Back to schooool....

Admittedly, when the summer holidays come to an end, I'm already bored of being a very lazy child, by that time I already know the order of the morning TV lineup.. really?! I was excited to go back to school as I have moved up to sixth form, it's completely different to being in the lower school and I can honestly say, I love it!! 

Wearing your own clothes everyday really isn't the great part about it.. 
The teachers that I used to have, literally saw me completely differently and it's a completely clean slate, no grudges, nothing. We finish our lessons early, just jam in the common room. Teachers don't really question what your doing or anything, it seriously is so different. 
So clotheswise, I'm not one to put all the effort in with fancy hair, although I do like to have nice makeup on!, I just roll out of bed and shove on anything, you can tell the ones that make effort and it's really not worth it and kind of embarrassing? Making myself look absolutely beautiful can wait for the weekend! :L

Prefect duty.... come on now is that really necessary??
My school is a state school and I really don't know who the lower years really think they are!! I mean seriously, they are so rude and just awful! When I was in year 7,8 and 9, I must've been the cutest child ever, not ever would I say anything to older years (probably because I was about 4ft nothing until year 10). Don't get me started on the girls, inches of black circling their eyes, short skirts and they're like what, 12?! 

Yeah so anyway..
 Other than the boys being lairy s**its, every year 12 has to do 20 minutes of prefect duty a week, it isn't much and I'd happily do it if there were nice students. I have to stand at an entry to one of the corridors and stop people walking in, sounds easy, not when there's children trying to barge past a little 5ft4 girl! Okay I wasn't harsh but next week anyone that's slightly rude, that's it! Not sure what my plan is but erm.. they'll be sorry! 

Apart from my huge rant, I love sixth form, only sixth form though, none of the other vermin that we share the school with! 

Thanks for reading

Sunday 11 September 2011

Megan's Birthday treat!

For my birthday - which is on Wednesday! so so exited (like I've mentioned in my blog posts recently) turning 16 makes me feel allot older than 15! My mum took me to London for a few days, to go to a spa (Chelsea Day Spa) and out for dinner, hotel and birthday shopping! absolute bliss! It was the best 2 days ever I really enjoyed it and bought some lovely things with some GREAT bargains!

We got the train down and met up with my cousin and her partner (It was her birthday on the 7th) for lunch in Belgo's (Covent Garden) that was lovely, then on to the spa in Kings Road, it was so beautiful in there the layout was so calming - I had a back, foot and arm scrub and massage, mum was meant to have the same but they got our bookings muddled up and couldn't fit her in, so they gave her a manicure and pedicure complimentary, so we've still got the other massage appointment to use!

we met up with my dad for dinner in the Hard Rock cafe, We have never been before and for those of you who are reading this have been there will surely agree with me when I say it is by far the best restaurant, the atmosphere, music, food everything! I ordered a Salad which was ginormous, mum and dad had there signature classic burger! Then... after my dad had told the waitress it was my birthday - I was on edge of what they were going to do as a woman in the corner was celebrating her 50th and had everyone sing for her!  Let me tell you, mine was 10X worse! we were on a higher table near the window, I got told to stand up on my chair, and listen to everyone sing to me, after the waitress had shouted out "everyone this is Megan- it's her birthday, all sing"!! and then blow out a candle on an ice cream sundae! funny but so so embarrassing!

We stayed in a hotel in Chelsea, which was gorgeous, then the next day, me and mum shopped! Firstly in Old Spitalfields Market, where I found 2 great bargains. Yet another pair of Levi 501's in a dark grungy grey for £10!, the man had a whole rail of them, and a really cute vintage brown leather bag! for £10.
we then went to Oxford St, I got a gorgeous oversized jumper from Forever 21 only £16!! and then I found so much in Topshop, which mum got for me (ready for my birthday) Truly spoiled! :') So I cant say what I got in there as I'm not meant to know / remember! haha!
Then from  h&m I got 2 sheer blouses which I have been after for , for ages now! One was £10 and the other £15 again, absolute bargain! From Urban Outfitters I bought a over sized tank top - which I can't find on the website! for £10.

After a long day shopping and a very relaxing day spa-ing we got the train home at 8, and fell asleep.
Those two days we're perfect, so ideal for my birthday! Thank you mum and dad! xxxxx

Tuesday 6 September 2011


Outfit Of The NIGHT!!

Chloe and Megan hit a character themed party! 

We spent the whole day pampering ourselves and filming for our YouTube Channel. We made around 6-7 videos on Saturday, editing and uploading takes longer than filming does!!! 

Anyway, there's millions of characters we could have dressed up as...
Chloe- Mrs Incredible (Elastagirl)
Megan- Catwoman

We made a VLOG throughout the day :) Filmed a Mary-Kate Olsen Tutorial and an Ashley Olsen Tutorial, a bestfriend tag, weird tag,5 essentials tag, what would you rather tag! Not forgetting our getting ready videos!!! BUSY girls!!! 

Such a fun night!!!!!!! :D


Wednesday 31 August 2011


 Top: Zara - £6.99 (I think)
Jeans : Topshop 'Jamie' £40
 Yes.. I tried to jump on self timer.....
 Finally managed it! 
Necklace : Tiffany&Co 

Just simple, and not much to the outfit as I was only going out for a few hours!
I was wearing my black leather jacket from topshop with it £50
what do you think of my new hair? Comments please! 

please follow us!!!

Monday 29 August 2011

Topshop Make-up?

So, as I'm sure all of you know, Topshop do make-up and they have been for a while now But I've only thought of doing a review on it now! Chloe has got the blush, foundation and eyeliner brush as well as the Bronzer and a mascara. I have the creme blush, 2 eyeshadow brush's, the cheek duo and 1 lipstick. But today I went and bought myself some of their new smoke and mirrors collection! The packaging is gorgeous and I got they eye palette and the Lip and Eye Pencil set! I am really pleased with my choices, the eye shadows have allot of pigment in them and the pencils are really soft and show incredibly well! This collection was inspired by the glamour of the early 70's when everything and everyone had 'perfect beauty' it is all about the sophistication!! Bronzed, and sand pinks together make that perfect combination of glowing skin, and Topshop have done it really well! Their other collections such as the core collection and sandstorm had great reviews but I never bought any of it! Everything Is good value for money and is easily affordable! So all in all, I give Topshop make-up a thumbs up! I love the packaging, and love the feel of it on my skin lips and eyes!

Great Offers at Spacenk!

I was browsing the internet for The Laura Mercier Cake Liner, and I came across this website I have never heard of before! spacenk they sell skincare, hair care, wellness, makeup, and accessories, and LOTS of it! I searched for Laura Mercier make-up and saw THIS I can safely say I was well and truly amazed, not only do you get three eyeliners and the brush, its all for £28. and considering the eyeliners alone are £18.50 and the brush is £22 that is the best deal on make-up I have seen in a very long time! Not surprisingly I ordered it straight away!! THEN.... I saw THIS too, this website is certainly not fake as I have now seen people recommending it! but for a palette with 3 eye shadows, 2 blushers, and 3 lipgloss' at £20 instead of £40 Is crazy! I ordered that too! Surely I'm allowed, as it's nearly my birthday? Just a little pre birthday present to myself!

I just thought I would share that with you all as It was to good to keep to myself! 
Go and buy!!! Nothing to Loose!!!!! 
M. XX 

Saturday 27 August 2011

Amazingly Creative Newspaper Nails!!

This is so creative and has no limits, so much fun, so easy to do and the outcome is so cool!! 

To figure out how to create this.... Carry on reading! 

Step 1. Take off any nail varnish, if you want to file, reshape, buff, cut, or trim your cuticles now is the time to!

Step 2. Wash your hands, getting rid of any nail varnish remover that could effect the outcome.

Step 3. Paint your nails, I've chosen white because you can really see the text, this does work on other colours but stick to light, pale shades.

2 coats intensifies the colour.

Step 4. Rip out anything! Make sure it's in black, white and grey as colours don't seem to work so well :s
Make sure to look for different fonts, bolds, italics, lines, shapes, letters, even a Sudoku puzzle! 
*TIP* the dark greys and blacks with white writing look amazing! 

Step 5. The reason this works! Surgical Spirit, can't be hard to find i had some in my cupboard!

Pour into an egg cup, or any small dish.

Step 6. Only when your nails are totally totally dry this will work, a test to see if your nails are dry is if you lightly tap your nails together, if they are tacky or sticky they aren't dry enough!

Dip one nail at a time into the surgical spirit for about 5 seconds, take it out and grab a bit of newspaper, put in on the nail and apply a decent amount of pressure, hold this for about 7-8 seconds, 

Step 7. Lightly peel off the newspaper to reveal the transferred ink perfectly! Repeat until all your nails are done! Remember to place the newspaper upside down, diagonal there really are no limits!

Step 8. If one of your nails doesn't turn out so good, never mind, just dip it back into the spirit and apply another bit of newspaper!

It won't effect the first pattern at all.

Step 9. If you want you could put a layer of clear over the top to seal in the ink and add shine, but BE CAREFUL as there is a change this will smudge the ink, I use clear anyway but really quickly, in 3 strokes then it doesn't smudge :D

Step 10. All done! Get prepared for people to ask you how you did it because it looks amazing!! Send them here!!

Thanks! Pass this on to your friends and family! Hope you liked it and found it useful :)


I Went Vintage Shopping :)

Yesterday I went up to London's Spitalfields Market with my girlies, 9 of us :)
As soon as we got there we decided to go for a Wagamamas, seriously can't go wrong with a waga's. So of course jumped for the opportunity and ordered my regular mini chicken katsu curry of which I will one day marry a Wagamamas chef so I can have that all the time!! 


 Me and Megan living 2 hours away from each other just so happened to be in the same place at the same time! I knew she was going Spitalfields but I had no idea I was, I just followed the girls to a 'really good market!' So we met up for a little bit then who knows where she went after! But after buying a lush vintage top for £15 and a long maroony cardigan for £4 *charity shop bargain* (picture below) we headed off for Brick Lane.

I am SUCH a chicken! 

I get scared of everything, anyone and anything that looks even the slightest bit dodgy... Brick Lane is what I would call really annoying as it has the loveliest vintage unique shops and quirky ways about it but something was a tad dodgy about this place! At least I'm aware of my surroundings! 

Great British Weather!

It started to hit 5 O'Clock so we decided to make a move home and it started raining, (we had a 10 minute walk to the station) we all had umbrellas but I doubt we were prepared for torrential rain! I have never been in anything like it and it showed no signs of stopping!! So my shared umbrella managed to keep my hair dry.. but hey that's a good thing but maybe not when every other part of you is soaked through, we all had to get the train home drenched in every aspect of the word! 

It was a great day out though!

I still had a lovely day buying and looking through vintage clothes, shoes and accessories regardless of being the biggest scaredy cat EVER, and looking like we all just fell in a pool.  I'd defo go there again but wouldn't hesitate to pop up to Westfield instead!

We all managed to have such a laugh can't wait to see where we go next!
Thanks for reading all about yesterday :)

My purchases :D........

Top: £15 Spitalfields Market

Cardigan: £4 Charity shop :D

My cardigan is size 16 and I'm an 8, nothing wrong with oversizing!

C. X

Thursday 25 August 2011

Chloe's Results.....

Okay so I had to go into school today to collect my GCSE results :s 

Was so worried and I had no idea what to expect.... 
I'm not the cleverest of people but was so happy to have reached nearly all my target grades :D

So.... anyway... I got, 4 A's 4 B's and 2 C's 

My A's were in Maths, Textiles, RE and French, was so happy about Maths and French!!
My B's were in English Language, Business, Core Science and Additional Science, not complaining!
And my C's were in English Literature and Citizenship, was expecting a C in Eng Lit because the exam was a nightmare!!

Overall I have to say I'm pretty happs :D 
Going out to celebrate round my friends house tonight!! Why wouldn't I ?!!? :D

secretly just waiting for dad to come home and give me some presents!! 

C. X